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At Defame Concept Ltd, we primarily engage in property development and investment. Our interests cut across residential and commercial properties. We also provide interior design and setup services and real estate advisory services.

How Can We Help You?


We engaged in acquisition of virgin sites for new development; remodeling of existing properties; and rehabilitation of old properties to measure up to contemporary standards. Our homes are built with needed attention to structural stability, space management, quality fixtures, functionality, detailed finishing, eco-friendly environment, alternative sustainable power supply. In our commercial developments- offices, warehouses, factories, etc, we execute our scheme in alignment with the functional needs of our clients, to produce bespoke designs and finishing. Our aim in both engagements is to deliver products with strong features of durability, quality, and value.

Interior design

We specialize in both residential and commercial designing. Whether you need just a change of furniture, space and colour planning and management, repainting, or an extensive renovation, we have the experience and capacity to execute the project to your taste.

Real estate advisory

As real estate advisers, we provide advice regarding but not limited to: consulting with clients regarding the best ways to use their assets, such as selling their current home and buying another one or renting out their current home to generate rental income; providing information about market trends and conditions in specific neighborhoods or regions; providing clients with information about available properties for sale or rent, including photos and descriptions of amenities; helping clients evaluate the value of their home or other real estate holdings by performing comparative market analysis and appraisals; providing recommendations for financing options for clients who are buying or selling property; negotiating the purchase or sale of real estate on behalf of clients; advising clients on the best ways to invest in real estate by identifying potential buyers or sellers of properties based on price fluctuations and market trends, etc.

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Defames Concept was established in 2013, with the major business objective of aiding investors acquire real estate with ease. As our staff strength and capacity grew, we ventured into designing and construction of buildings, as well as assisting our clients to design and decorate both interior and exterior areas of their new building.


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